Why personally moulded Ear Plugs?

Custom Fit Ear Plugs

Noise induced hearing lossĀ 

Many of us are exposed to high levels of noise on a daily basis. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is caused by prolonged exposure to high levels of noise that can be found in both our workplace and leisure activities. Earplugs help to decrease the sound intensity that reaches the eardrum and helps to protect against NIHL.

In many manufacturing and food industries, heavy machinery can emit noise levels that exceed 85 dB (A). In these cases under the Control Of Noise At Work Regulation 2005, employers must take action against hearing protection. Choosing custom ear plugs will not only ensure that you have the correct level of ear protection for your staff but also will help to protect yourself against future NIHL claims by providing leading market protection for your employees.

We supply custom Ear Plugs to a range of industries including:

  • Food & beverage
  • Chemical
  • Electronic
  • General manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Utilities / Oil & gas
  • Print Industry
  • Transportation including rail, air, sea, land
  • Metal

Custom VS Disposable

There are several benefits of using Custom Ear Plugs over disposable ones.

Custom Ear Plugs:

  • Have a long life span and are more cost efficient in the long term
  • No need to remove when communicating and allows employees to hear warning sounds
  • Hypoallergenic, non-flammable silicone material
  • All ear sizes can be fitted
  • Long lasting 5-year life span

Disposable Plugs:

  • Designed to be used once or twice at a time
  • The fit and level of protection will be different for every employee
  • Removal of the protection is required to communicate
  • Ear infections more common
  • Since the protection varies from worker to worker, some may feel cut off and expose them to greater risk or injury
  • Require more time to fit in the ear


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