Custom Fit Earplugs

Custom Fit Ear Plugs

Bespoke custom fit earplugs

At Imperial Health Services, we are able to bring you bespoke earplugs that are convenient, discreet and cost efficient. Using a painless impression process, a mould of your ear shape is taken to create an earplug that’s a unique fit for you.

Some cases of hearing damage can be irreversible and life changing, therefore prevention is the only cure and that’s why we want to provide you with the most comfortable, effective and economical protection.


Ear Impressions

Ear impressions are required for any custom fitted product we supply. In order to take an accurate ear impression, the process requires a trained Imperial Health Services technician to take a physical mould of the ear(s). Once we have taken the mould we can then send it to our supplier for manufacturing, bespoke to you.

Ear Impressions require a clear ear canal therefore we also offer ear wax removal on the day to ensure the impression can be successfully taken.



Benefits of Custom Ear Plugs:

  1. They do not over protect which means you will be still able to hear speech and alarms
  2. They are easy to look after and clean
  3. Cost efficient. Custom Earplugs can save your company more than £400 per employee if you currently use disposable earplugs
  4. All impression details are linked to a unique reference number, so replacement pairs can be ordered without having to take another impression


Who are they for?

Everyone. Whether you work in an industry that is exposed to high levels of noise or personal activities such as swimming, motorcycling and music concerts, these custom fit ear plugs are designed to protect your hearing against a range of both occupational and leisure activities.


What are the features?

Made from hypo-allergenic silicone, our Custom Earplugs can be worn longer than standard earplugs with greater levels of protection. They come in three colours, yellow, blue (for the food industry) and transparent.


Other features include:

  • CE Marked and Tested to EN 352-2: 1993
  • Available with various filter options
  • Toxicologically inert material


Try before you buy

We offer businesses a “trial” period for up to 8 weeks. Our 8-week trial period gives you the opportunity to assess the product and ensure they suit you, your employees and working conditions.

If after the trial period you are happy with the product, we can then move forward to arrange for any remaining employees to be fitted.