At Imperial Health Services we work in partnership with our clients to reduce the time they have to spend in order to deliver effective health solutions. We manage all aspects of Occupational Health from organisation of schedules, appointment reminders to legally defensible screenings. Meaning fewer missed appointments and less points of contact, freeing up days per month in administration time.

Not only do we value your time as the client we value your input, we try to meet any request that our clients may need. This is demonstrated in our unique approach of providing clinical rooms in any location you may need. We understand that some screenings, especially Drug & Alcohol screenings need privacy and we are happy to organise a suitable and convenient environment to do this.

We like continuity in business, although your employees may see a variety of our occupational health professionals for screening. We will provide you with an account manager who will be responsible for organising your screenings, delivery of reports, and who will be available for any queries or development ideas you might have.

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