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Custom Earplugs for personal use

When it comes to our hearing sometimes we are unaware of noise levels we are exposed to during our personal activities. Hearing loss is not only affected by occupational activities, other activities such as listening to personal music devices, going to concerts and swimming can all cause damage to our hearing.

Custom Earplugs can protect against a range of leisure activities including:

  • Motorcycling. The wind and engine exposure for motorcyclists can cause damage to hearing. Custom earplugs are guaranteed to protect against these conditions whilst providing a comfortable fit and ability to hear any other road traffic activities.
  • Swimming. Custom Earplugs for swimming are effective by blocking water entering the ear canal and preventing infections. As the earplugs are made from silicone, they are easy to retrieve from the water due to their floating properties.
  • Sleeping. Snoring and noisy environments can magnify sleep problems. Our sleep plugs lower the background noise, allowing you to get a good nights rest whilst still being able to hear alerts and alarms.
  • Shooting. Sudden bursts of loud sound such as gunfire can cause hearing damage. We supply Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors which shutdown noise from gunfire but still allow instructions and alerts to be heard.
  • DIY. Activities such as mowing the lawn, sanding and drilling can emit constant levels of noise over 85 dB that can damage your hearing. Custom fit earplugs will offer comfortable safe protection without interrupting your job or hobby.
  • Music. Concerts, personal music devices and festivals expose us to high levels of noise especially if we are too close to the speakers. Our range of custom earplugs works to ensure sufficient protection with out comprising the quality of the music. We have two ranges of ear protection for music these include active and passive protectors.